In a constant effort to help you to grow your business, We as an Trained E-Commerce Specialist will help you with your daily business requirements. We are personalized and very specific to your business. We can help you right from the setting up your online seller store or need guidance with expanding your business on Online Marketplace.

We will always have the expertise to guide you and help you understand the marketplace better.

We understand the challenges is being faced by the new sellers while selling online marketplace platform, and so we have come up with industry’s best service plans. We offer complete e-commerce support and provide services right from Registration of your business and adding cataloging, listing, order management, account health management, sponsored Ads, online promotions, day to day operations and much more. We help you to grow your business and we do it all the best possible way and give expert advice that directly related to your product and business ROI.

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Jumpstart your online Business in Just 3 Steps


Provide Your Business Information to Setup Your Online Store.


List and Showcase your products online across India and the World.


Crores of customers can view and buy your products online.


A bouquet of services

Business Registration

Now get your business registered on Marketplaces with an Expert. We know what option should we ignore and what option to be added while doing your business registration on Marketplaces.

Brand Registry

Now save your Registered Brand/Trade Mark by applying the Brand Registry on Marketplaces. We can help you to get your brand registered and also protect your brand from any infringement issues.

Category Approval

There are many categories on Marketplaces is not open for every seller. Our Trained Executive can help you to get the category approval and make your product available to sell on Marketplaces.

Product Photoshoot

We also shoot beautiful and creative product images for you that you can use to sale your product at Marketplaces and other leading online e-commerce website as per their image requirement and guidelines.

Market Analysis

We would also help you to find your product strength over the marketplace. We will give your analytical review that might help you to determine the correct action plan to sell on the marketplaces.


The GTIN & ASIN is required in order to list your products on Marketplaces. You can list your products until or unless you have GTIN Exemption or ASIN codes. We can also get it done for you.

Marketplace FBA

Increase Sales, Save Time and Money with Marketplace FBA, It will help you increase your online sales by giving you access to Marketplaces world-class fulfillment and fast, free delivery options for your products.

Sponsored Products

Promote the products you sell on Marketplaces with keyword targeted ads. You pay only when your ad is clicked. We can create an ad for your product that cost you low against your sales volume.


Use this service to learn how to manage and grow your Marketplace business. Call us to book your appointment at your location with our expert who will be trained you to be a successful seller on Marketplaces.

Product Listing

Use our service to create rich catalogues that make your products stand out and be easily discoverable on Amazon. We add all mandatory attributes as per Amazon requirement to list your product.

Product Pricing

It is very important to calculate your selling price of your product without losing your profit. Our expert can help you to set up your selling price inclusive of all your expenses and adding profit.

Marketplace Global Selling

It’s time to think big and look beyond, to grow your business. You too can start selling from India, to the world through Marketplaces, also it is as easy as selling in India. Call us for more details.

Account Reinstatement

Our core sector of expertise is dealing with Marketplace Seller Suspended Accounts and getting them reinstated in the shortest possible time. We do this for Marketplaces

Marketplace A+ Cataloging

Marketplace A+ Content is an enhanced brand content offering available to all Marketplace vendors. With A+ Content, you’re able to add more detailed item descriptions, heightened images, comparison charts, videos and more.

Marketplace Business Buyers

Now you can also buy products on Marketplaces in bulk as a business buyer and you will get business invoices against your all purchase. To know more about “Business Buyer” Call us Now. It is a FREE Service.

Nurture Your Business Potential on Online Marketplaces

State of the art technology and performance management capability ​to drive your e-commerce marketplace business



Marketplace Business Boost Service

Avail our Marketplace Boost Package (Highly Recommended) for your business. Get A Quote

Account Health Management

We can manage your Marketplaces seller account health. Get A Quote

Marketplace Account Reinstatement

Has Marketplaces suspended your seller account? Do not worry we can reinstate Get A Quote

Account Reconciliation

Unable to match account figures? Call us and let us do this Get A Quote

Monthly Cataloguing Pack

You Keen adding inventory on your account? Use our Monthly listing pack. Get A Quote

Monthly Imaging Pack

We are offering monthly imaging services. Get A Quote

Account Management

Focus on procuring your products as we are here to manage your backend. Get A Quote

Expert Advice

Need suggestion of online selling? Meet with us and get expert advice. Get A Quote


We Believe in Custom Solutions as Every Business is Unique


In a constant effort to help you grow your business, we can assist you with your daily business requirements. This team organizes a series of seller help events to reach out to a vast number of sellers across the country including remote villages. While there are many support channels for an Amazon Seller, We are personalized and it is very specific to your business. Whether you need help with setting up your Amazon store or need guidance with expanding your business, we will always have the expertise to guide you and help you understand the marketplace better.

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